Move towards a paperless system with IDSecure’s document verification services
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IDSecure allows companies to comply with national identity verification rules without creating additional paperwork.
Our specialist online tool can be embedded into existing workflows to streamline the entire VOI process from start to finish for the Property, Legal & Financial sectors.
Our document verification services cover:
Biometric verification solutions
Know-your-customer & address verification
Data is encrypted and securely stored for 9 years in an Australian hosted and accredited data centre which is searchable and retrievable at any time.
Document Verification Service
(DVS) is an identity matching service that verifies an individual’s ID against Government Databases. The DVS enables you to comply with identity verification rules and compares your client’s Australian ID against official Government Records to determine whether it’s valid or been reported lost or stolen. Australian ID that can be DVS checked includes:
Citizenship Certificate
Centrelink Card
Descent Certificate
Descent Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Immigration Card
Change of Name Certificate
Driver Licence
Medicare Card
Birth Certificate
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