Verify the identity of your clients quickly and efficiently with VirtualVOI. Using the latest in facial biometric technology, VirtualVOI is an automated online verification platform that enables you to verify the identity of your clients anywhere in Australia, or internationally, without having to meet.
VirtualVOI scans your client’s ID documents in seconds, verifying against government sources using Document Verification Service (DVS) checks and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
The system also uses “liveness” detection, fraud analysis and anti-tampering technology to ensure that your client is who they say they are. Once the verification is complete, a report is returned to you and flagged if there are any authenticity concerns.
Why VirtualVOI?
Helps you meet your VOI obligations
Facial Biometric Verification Technology
Simple workflow – your client is prompted through each step
Document Verification Service (DVS) check
Fraud assessment and anti-tampering technology
Over 1 million customers verified worldwide via this tool 200+ countries supported with Passports, Driver Licences & other IDs
Ability to capture additional documents e.g., Client Authorisation Form, VISA status etc.
Instant VOI report – flagged if any authenticity concerns are uncovered
Reduce the risk of identity fraud – mitigate your key VOI risk areas
Secure storage and access for 9 years – ISO27001 compliant
Data is encrypted and securely stored for 9 years in an Australian hosted and accredited data centre which is searchable and retrievable at any time.
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